Professional and amazing

“Leah Kronberger was my lawyer for my child custody matter. She was not only professional and amazing at what she did but for a man going through the most difficult time of my life and extremely emotional, Leah took the time and patiently talked me through everything so I would understand the very complicated and confusing process of a custody battle in the Family Court. As empathetic as Leah was, she also stopped me in my tracks when I was blabbering about things that we couldn’t control or going down a path that was inaccessible or a waste of time. Leah was and is a perfect balance between compassion and toughness that every Father going through these problems needs. 2 1/2 years ago I found a lawyer, I now have a friend for life.”

Tom, Perth WA

Leah is an exceptional lawyer specialising in her field of family law. Her experience gained, past and present, has been worth every cent in her ability to handle tough and sensitive cases. Leah is an extremely competent lawyer that dives deep into the details for her clients. She loves her profession and prepares very well for court. Leah has a unique gift in strategy and watching her in action as a client, you’ll be proud you kept up the fight! Her honesty, integrity and drive shines through as the successful lawyer she is. All these attributes combined make Leah a wise cost-effective acquisition for any future family law client.

Nigel, Perth WA

Extremely approachable

“I came to Leah feeling so lost and scared and needing legal help regarding custody of my 2 year old daughter. I didn’t know what to expect from mediation and what to do next. Leah very quickly took away all those fears. She was extremely approachable and I was immediately put at ease by her legal skills and bed side manner. Leah talked me through the process and explained my daughters, mine and my ex partners legal rights… in terms I could understand! She helped me put together a parenting plan I was completely comfortable with and thought of things I would never of to put in the parenting plan. I will definitely be returning to her for any future family legal challenges in the future.” 

Shannon, Perth WA

Can’t speak highly enough of Leah

“Our family can’t speak highly enough of Leah. The family court system can be a daunting experience for families, Leah walked us through every step in the process providing our family with honest and realistic advice on the possible outcomes in our case. Our case was time sensitive with a very short window of opportunity for success. Leah’s knowledge of family law was vital in preparing our case, and her compassionate approach to her role in the family law system gives you a feeling of confidence and trust in her ability to expedite the desired outcomes for her clients. Through Leah’s thoroughness our family was able to create memories of a lifetime.”  

Professional and amazing

“I met Leah back in 2013 when she was working at Gosnells Community Legal Centre and I knew straight away that she cared about what I was going through and my situation. She is the most passionate, honest and hardworking lawyer that I have known. I trust Leah completely when handling my case and I would never go anywhere else. I have been dealing with the Family court since 2013 and whenever I needed her services or just a friendly voice to guide me in the right direction, Leah has always been there for myself and my family. I highly recommend her in any Family Court situation.”

Sarah, Perth WA

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Leah Keegan has been working almost exclusively in the area of
Family Law since 2008, firstly as a paralegal and then as a lawyer
following her admission in 2013.

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