Negotiations take place in nearly all matters. Even if one party has already commenced proceedings in Court, we still negotiate to reach a more cost effective outcome for you.

Mediation is where both parties agree to attend upon a suitably qualified person to attempt to reach an agreement.

In some circumstances you each attend with the mediator. If this is the case, we strongly suggest that prior to attending mediation, you attend an initial consultation to ensure you are fully aware of your rights and responsibilities, and what is a fair outcome for you.

Another form of mediation is a conference where both parties are represented by a Solicitor, and they all attend before a mediator. The advantages of this mediation, is that you will be more likely to reach agreement if you are both fully informed of what is a fair agreement.

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Leah Keegan has been working almost exclusively in the area of
Family Law since 2008, firstly as a paralegal and then as a lawyer
following her admission in 2013.

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