We accept Legal Aid grants at Keegan Family Lawyers. Legal aid can be applied for by yourself, or we can apply on your behalf if we are of the view that you would qualify.

Every person who contacts Legal Aid WA for help with their legal problem is assessed to identify the service which best suits their needs. If you require ongoing help from a lawyer, you will need to meet their eligibility criteria. Assessment for a grant of legal aid is made by applying the following three tests:

  • The means test determines whether you can afford a private lawyer. If you can afford a private lawyer, you will not be eligible for a grant of aid.
  • The type of matter test determines whether your problem is in one of the identified Legal Aid WA “priority” categories, or whether you can obtain appropriate assistance elsewhere.
  • The merit test determines whether you are likely to succeed in your case and whether providing aid to you will achieve what you want.

These tests are applied to every application for a grant of legal aid. To find out more about applying for a grant of legal aid, you can call the Legal Aid WA InfoLine on 1300 650 579 or contact us for an initial consultation, and we can talk you through the process, and in some cases, apply on your behalf.

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