In the majority of matters, child support is assessed, collected, enforced and regulated by the Department of Human Services (Child Support Agency) (“CSA”).

The amount assessed is based on a pre-determined formula based on various factors including the nights of care and income of each parent.

For the most part, Family Lawyers and indeed the Family Court do not get involved in matters relating to Child Support.

However, there are circumstances where family law advice is beneficial, but also necessary.  Some examples include:

  • Where there may be issues parentage and paternity testing may need to be completed prior to an assessment being issued by CSA;
  • When a person wants to make an application to change the assessment (for special circumstances);
  • When a person wants to seek a departure from a child support assessment;
  • When parties wish to enter into, vary or terminate a limited or binding child support agreement;
  • When it is appropriate for the Family Court (normally when property matters are commenced) to determine the division of assets, spousal maintenance and child support as a whole;
  • Registration / enforcement / collection of overseas maintenance orders (both spousal and child).

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